New easy to use online authoring tool
    Managing and Sharing courses across sectors
    Simplifying recording of evidence against standards could not be easier
    Users can book directly onto courses with no administration involvement
    Released to all Hospitals in the UK
    Powerful suite of authoring tools capable of delivering elearning beyond SCORM
    from video streaming, creation of programmes and pathways, assessments and recording
    system offering simple scripting and story boarding to the creation of highly interactive
    knowledge and understanding and decision making courses
    Linking the learnPro LMS to powerful decision support Apps allowing
    constant updates.
    Delivering next generation Learning Management Systems with extensive Business Intelligence and
    Reporting tools, Course Management Software and Organisational Management suite
    of applications to deliver and share across sectors with complex workplace organisational
    structures and multiple roles


    Offering a shareable library of the most comprehensive range of elearning courses
    in the UK with separate assessments and revalidation and the ability to
    rebrand and create highly interactive elearning
learnPro provide the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud based educational software solutions to meet your workforce development needs including Authoring Online, Course Booking, Package Manager for Management of all Content, LCMS, Compliance Reporting, Courses, Assessments, Personal Development Recording

Learning Management Systems

LearnPro provide learning management software designed for workplace delivery in complex organisations such as NHS, Fire Services, and other organisations

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Package Manager & eLearning Catalogue

The Package Manager lets you share and download modules & assessments to re author

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Course Booking System

Manage all classroom sources

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Developing pathways for staff groups lets you set up roles and locations to progress through key eLearning

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Why Choose Us

We believe that keeping our customers happy is the best way to ensure our success. Below are just some of the reasons why you should choose to work with us

  • Quality of Product
    The LMS has been developed by working closely with the NHS, Councils, Social Care and Fire Services to meet their needs for staff development in the workplace
  • Pricing
    Our products are competitively priced and offer value for money by delivering the functionality that customers need

  • Support to our Customers
    We offer high quality support service for both the administrators of the system and the users
  • Creative Culture
    Our products are coded from the ground up by a talented team focused on the customer. We let the ideas flow from the customer to the team
  • We are responsive & passionate
    We care deeply about the quality of software engineering solutions, we respond to customer requirements using sound project management principles
  • We Are an Educational Software Company
    Although we are team of software engineers our team is also made up of teachers who drive the business forward and understand the educational process in the workplace

learnPro Statistics

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Latest News
June  Blood Transfusion release new App with their own authoring capability; LAB Advanced launched offering Instructional Designers greater collaboration; Package Manager offers greater sharing and management of all content


June learnPro Doctors Virtual Induction

learnPro launch the Doctors Virtual Induction Pathway (VIP) into NHS Scotland

  • 800 courses added to the Package Manager in last 12 months for sharing - The growth from Instructional Designers is amazing in learnpro

  • LAB Advanced now being used for great collaboration in course creation, more scenario/video based courses being built

  • The learnPro App lets Instructional Designers build their own content and it works on every device - you can download it but to get the decision support information you need you must login

  • Course Booking System is so slick and easy to use. Minimum data entry and it saves massive amounts of time managing courses and with Training Plan Dashboard you can see who is compliant at the press of button

About Us
learnPro provide learning management software designed for workplace delivery in complex organisations such as NHS, Fire Services, and other organisations aimed at delivering content for specific roles, creating programmes of learning, build separate and powerful assessments and providing video streaming capabilities to work across government IT networks.


More Information

If you have any question, please e-mail us without hesitation. We will reply you as quickly as we can.

Address : learnPro Ltd, West Wing, Fettes Park, 496 Ferry Road, Edinburgh, EH5 2DL

Phone : + 44 (0) 131 551 4666

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