Organisation & employee experience is more seamless than ever using learnPro

Improving the Learners Educational Experience

Reduce training costs, improve compliance rates and save line managers time in demonstrating team compliance rates


Our Learning Management System is designed for work place compliance and revalidation.

  • Run reports on compliance of each member of staff in your organisation.
  • Easily create and export reports using our comprehensive report launcher
  • Track staff progress
  • Manage staff accounts, locations, roles and directorates


The Package Manager allows you to manage and share all your elearning content through one simple interface.

  • Wide range of courses available in our catalogue
  • Easily upload your SCORM modules
  • Build and share assessments
  • Upload and manage high quality videos
  • Easily share courses with other organisations


Create fantastic, interactive e‑learning modules using our intuitive browser‑based authoring system.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Create your own design and branding
  • Make your elearning engaging with interaction templates
  • Upload and store all your images in one place
  • Easily stream high quality video and audio


We have so many ways to help you easily manage and measure staff compliance, saving you time, and giving you complete visibility of your entire organisation at a glance.

Course Booking System

The course booking system allows users to book themselves on face-to-face training courses.

IMPACT Recording System

Designed for any range of standards and used for personal development recording. Compliance management made simple.

Performance Management

Save time administering performance reviews and engage users in coaching & feedback, by giving managers a tool for effective performance management.


Provides an instant real-time picture for line managers to see staff progress on mandatory and role specific training. For individuals, teams and services.

Video Streaming

Online video management system which provides hosting, fast cloud-based encoding and adaptive streaming.

Course Booking System

Course Booking System

Simple system for managing courses and people

  • Create master courses, then schedule events as needed with locations and times.
  • Manage user attendance, nominations and pending lists to control how staff book onto courses.
  • Setup prerequisite eLearning or CBS courses to be completed prior to training events.
  • Customisable, automated emails are sent out for any changes in the event, keeping managers copied in.
  • Record actions for all users, including who approved, rejected, cancelled and marked attendance on records.
  • Schedule evaluation reminders to be sent out to attendees via email or add these in as an administrator.
  • Filter scheduled and past events by many fields including name, Start/End Date, whether the course is full or too empty, whether attendance marking is outstanding.
  • Courses can be assigned a Content Authority, allowing only certain administrators with editing rights to edit them.
  • Courses can be added to learning plans alongside elearning on the learnPro Scorecard, allowing line managers and administrators to quickly identify which courses staff need to complete.


Transforming and simplifing the process for measuring compliance

No need to waste time creating spreadsheets or configuiring complex data mining software. The Scorecard system does all the hard work for you by automatically collating users results into a visual dashboard.


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