The System
A Learning Management System to deliver incident based and safety critical elearning and simulations with extensive assessments and re validation to maintain compliance and demonstrate ticket to ride at all levels of the workforce. Delivering practical tools using video streaming to IOS and Android devices along with decision support Apps out in the field.

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Key points
  • Learning Content Management System with a difference and designed from the ground up for complex organisations, roles, locations
  • Built in recording system from eportfolio and competence recording along with separate reporting system to track everything compliant organisations need
  • Designed to handle more than SCORM courses. It handles programmes and pathways of learning offering intuitive revalidation system 
  • Built in authoring tools from assessment system, programme creation, video streaming, SCORM course management, Sharing with other organisations
  • Designed for unique distribution of material by content groups across multiple organisations like NHS, Fire, Councils and Community
  • Build in course management