LAB Advanced allows fire services to collaborate and share their e-learning content and resources with other fire services within the UK. This includes e-learning modules developed inline with National Operation Guidelines (NOG), scenario and decision based modules, assessments, statutory and mandatory modules and leadership and management modules.



LAB Advanced is designed to enable subject experts and trainers to work together online to create courses that are ready to work on mobile phones, with streamed video playing across any device. Learners can engage with the learning materials through many different types of interactions that help them to remember the concepts and principles.

LAB Advanced let’s you build scenarios that are real, using it's in built streamed video system that plays across any device or any bandwidth. Create incident based scenarios easily and drag over from an intuitive menu the variety of quizzes that let the learner reflect and use that knowledge for key decision making.

Work intuitively from any location, as a team on projects, import your PowerPoints to give you a starting point to bring the concepts alive for the learners and add documents like SOP's into the module.

Scan the QR code below with your phone camera to see an instant preview of a responsive LAB Advanced module on your device.

QR code which contains a link to a demo responsive module built in LAB Advanced
Example e-learning showing a breathing apparatus module developed in LAB Advanced
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - BA Training
Merseyside FRS have used the easy quiz builder to allow the learner to reflect on what they have learned.
Example e-learning showing a hazmat incident responsive module developed in LAB Advanced
Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service - Hazmat Incident Response
Lincolnshire FRS built the Hazmat module in a team environment using LAB Advanced.
Example e-learning showing a safe to command course developed in LAB Advanced
Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service - Safe To Command
Lancashire FRS built an assessment scenario for Safe to Command following the crew enroute to an incident to full closure of the shout.
Example e-learning showing a fire investigation and arson course developed in LAB Advanced
Humberside Fire & Rescue Service - Fire Investigation and Arson
Humberside FRS copied this module from another service and layered it with their own look and feel.
Example e-learning showing a forced ventilation module developed in LAB Advanced
Surrey Fire & Rescue Service - Forced Ventilation
Surrey FRS used the extensive interaction library to easily build a mobile interaction that works perfectly on a phone, a tablet or the desktop .
Example e-learning showing a national guidelines course developed in LAB Advanced
North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service - National Operational Guidance
North Yorkshire FRS added a video provided by their NOG team, Videos upload in seconds and StreamV handles all the encoding for rate adaptive streaming.


Copy, archive and organise your projects into folders. Search, sort and filter your projects
Authors can collaborate on the same courses with access to a library of shared resources
Create your own colour palettes to provide a consistent theme across all your e-learning content
Upload and edit all your images online or choose from a library of stock images to use in your e-learning courses
Add video and audio to bring your courses to life using our StreamV video encoding software
Keep track of every change made across your team of authors with detailed audit logs
Make your e-learning interactive and engaging with a variety of easy to build interaction templates
Powerful accessibility features for your learners. Put content controls at their fingertips
We are seeing fast growth in mobile e-learing. LAB Advanced courses look great on all devices
Create assessments to get an insight into the learners understanding of a subject area

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