More and more staff are accessing e-learning on mobile devices. LAB Advanced offers you an easy route to create interactive responsive e-learning for core and role specific mandatory learning. Sign up for our FREE trial and create e-learning instantly with real time online chat support from our experts.

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Authoring mobile e-learning could not be easier using our theme editor, online images, documents library and PowerPoint importer. No matter what skill level you have with design software, you can create something outstanding and engaging for the learner to access regardless of their device.

Upload your video to our simple streaming system then drop it into a page and watch it respond and play on any device or screen size. If you need a document added to the e-learning just drag it in. It's never been easier to create engaging learning, check out the examples below.

Scroll down to see some examples of the courses that can be produced with LAB Advanced. There is also an interactive course demo which shows a sample of a course which you can click through to experience LAB Advanced as a learner.

Example e-learning showing an equality and diversity module developed in LAB Advanced
Scottish Legal Aid Board - Equalities Monitoring
Bring equality courses alive and make it fully accessible to all.
Example e-learning showing a fire risk recognition developed in LAB Advanced
Scottish Fire & Rescue Service - Risk Recognition
Created to support Health & Social care workers in homes to recognise and manage risk.
Example e-learning showing CPD team work module developed in LAB Advanced
learnPro - Team Work
Build intuitive management courses that bring concepts alive to help people learn.
Example e-learning showing an understanding dementia course developed in LAB Advanced
Capability Scotland - Understanding Dementia
LAB Advanced was used to create mobile dementia training courses for all staff.
Example e-learning showing a forced ventilation module developed in LAB Advanced
South Ayrshire Council
Managing Recruitment and Selection
Example e-learning showing a national guidelines course developed in LAB Advanced
Royal Blind - Equal Opportunities
Create modules for visual impairment and full accessibility that exceeds current standards.


Click through this interactive module demo below. Use the next, back and menu buttons to navigate. This module was produced in LAB Advanced by Capability Scotland and features a range of interactions in a fixed width layout.

You can also see the example module displayed in full on your browser here


Copy, archive and organise your projects into folders. Search, sort and filter your projects
Authors can collaborate on the same courses with access to a library of shared resources
Create your own colour palettes to provide a consistent theme across all your e-learning content
Upload and edit all your images online or choose from a library of stock images to use in your e-learning courses
Add video and audio to bring your courses to life using our StreamV video encoding software
Keep track of every change made across your team of authors with detailed audit logs
Make your e-learning interactive and engaging with a variety of easy to build interaction templates
Powerful accessibility features for your learners. Put content controls at their fingertips
We are seeing fast growth in mobile e-learing. LAB Advanced courses look great on all devices
Create assessments to get an insight into the learners understanding of a subject area

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