Training systems & health surveillance recording designed to monitor compliance and help organisations meet legal requirements. Create an e-portfolio to track and monitor all aspects of learning.

Personal Development Recording, Competency Standards and Management of Core Skills Development Plans - learnPro


Managing competency & reporting on the level of standards is more than doing an e-learning assessment. Our Personal Development Recording System is integrated into the learnpro LMS. Giving you the ability to let out your workforce development plan in a new way and align it to development plans, observer assessments, verifier requirements, documents that must be read.

It’s easy to set up and intuitive just add your standards for units and performance criteria and add in all the learning material that individuals and trans need to do with a time frequency and then monitor progress with out award winning dashboard and dats analytic tools

You can assign line managers or reviewers to individual staff or a group of people. Through our colour coded dashboard you can monitor progress of individual, teams and organisations. Helping you ensure your staff members core skills are maintained.

You just the need the right development plans for the role and the learnPro PDR System will do the rest for you. It’s that easy

Whether the person is in development or maintaining competence to a standard our PDR Training Management Application bring as new dimension to managing this complex process. Saving you and your organisation time and money.


Progress Dashboard

Colour coded process for reviewer, internal verifiers and line managers showing completion against standards

Development Plans

Add training courses, e-learning, video resources, documents, links and assessments to units within standards

Master Learning Record

Creates a master learning record allowing individuals to add to personal details for sign off

Development Plans

Manage your teams development plans in one area and align to standards

Maintenance of Competence

Record all activities live or simulated and let reviewers or line managers sign off

Core Skills Management

Add the core skills for staff in high compliance areas

PDR Data Analytics System

Colour coded dashboard of team progress

S/NVQ Management System

Track against all standards and let Verifiers into your system

Workforce Development Planner

Page layout based on your training and workforce development planner

Competency & Standards Management

Add any standards and add any content to the standards

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