Training systems & health surveillance recording designed to monitor compliance and help organisations meet legal requirements. Create an e-portfolio to track and monitor all aspects of learning.


Our recording system provides ePortfolios to measure competence and ensure individual and team compliance to standards of performance. The recording system also provides personal development recording for NHS and Social Care aligned to standards.


The health surveillance system built to monitor compliance on skins health surveillance in order to meet the legal requirements for Health and Safety and Occupational Health. This system gives you the ability to track and monitor all aspects of skins health surveillance and report by responsible person.


Standards Management
Add any standards and add any content to the standards
Progress Dashboard
Colour coded process for reviewer, internal verifiers and line managers showing completion against standards
Content Management
Add training courses, e-learning, video resources, documents, links and assessments to units within standards
Master Learning Record
Creates a master learning record allowing individuals to add to personal details for sign off
Health Surveillance
Quickly identify any indications of disease or adverse changes related to exposure
Response Plan
Review responses and create steps to treat their condition and to advise them about the future
Provide early warning of lapses in control and indicate the need for reassessment of risk
Team Dashboard
Team health surveillance scorecard with instant assignment and information review