Our Health & Skin Surveillance System manages all aspects of this complex and costly process within the NHS and other care based organisations

Skin check overview in the Health Surveillance System


Manage all aspects of Skin Health Surveillance, manage lines of accountability, protect your employees by managing the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH). Our Health and Skin Surveillance System manages all aspects of this complex and costly process within the NHS and other Care based organisations by managing all the data and relationships from staff, responsible persons to Occupational Health and Health and Safety. It provides the data analytical tools to instantly show status and takes the history data and makes sense of it. Its intelligent and intuitive for all users saving money and time in NHS organisations.


Legal requirements require that staff skin surveillance records can be found and accessed at any time. However day-to-day update of records means that staff members can change role, location, name or even leave the board. Snapshot technology is used to ensure that legal records can be accessed using the details the staff member had at the time (point-in-time analysis), while maintaining a link to the up-to-date account.

Legal declaration in the Health Surveillance System
Line manager action within the Health Surveillance System


The timeline of skin surveillance involves simultaneous Matrix Reviews to evaluate requirements to complete the programme; and the Skin Checks themselves, requiring input from three different levels of staff and the occupational health department across 3-4 input stages. These two actions have separate timescales with the Matrix Review being annual and the Skin Checks as required. The data analytics and Required Action Analysis to calculate the next required action considering all these variable stages.


Line Managers
Managers can view matrix check and skin check status of all staff and manage Responsible Persons
Responsible Person
Manager allocated Responsible Persons receive alerts when a staff member requires skin check, and can review all details and questionnaire responses before providing recommendation to the Manager
Staff Members
Staff are alerted when they need to complete a check, and are taken step-by-step through the entry of required details and pre-check questionnaire
Admins can review the skin check history of any member of staff, and locate staff even if they have changed name or board in the meantime, enabling legal requirements to be met
Risk Matrix
Managers answer a series of questions for all staff, to determine if inclusion in Skin Check programme is required
Sign Off
Staff details, questionnaire results and skin check results signed off at staff, Responsible Person and Line Manager levels
Occupational Health Referral
Where an OH referral is required, manager can print off or directly email a PDF overview of the full check process to OH department, and store the results when this process is complete
All submissions and updates are audited and timestamped to enable accountability. Records are locked down after process is complete.