Designed around 360 reviews and appraisals and aligned to CIPD guidelines providing intelligent and intuitive options for managers doing personal development plans.

Performance Management, Reviews & Appraisals of Learning and Development Standards - learnPro


Provides an intuitive interface and management system to link staff appraisals to an organisation's wider service goals to provide real clarity to managers.

The system helps to identify high performing future leaders, improves workforce planning and links the individual performance of employees to operational goals. Annual appraisal templates are automatically assigned to users and the system provides reports that are intuitive and meet CIPD guidelines.


User Responses
Fill out online, edit, set up and submit automatically to line managers
Line Manager View
Review responses to questions online during review process
Appraisal Score
Scoring criteria and individual score updates automatically as appraisal completed
Team Dashboard
At a glance view of team performance with colour coded question responses

Question Templates

Different question types for each template with automatic expiry and emails
Completed Items
Users can see completed reviews and appraisals on their homepage
View and Print
Completed learning items are read only and allow the user to review and print
Individual Plan
Record outcomes of appraisals, read and signed off by managers and compare against standards

Top Rated Performance Management and Appraisals Reviews System

Performance Appraisal is about 3 core functions that the learnpro appraisal system provides. 1. To provide adequate feedback to each person on their performance. 2. To serve as a basis for modifying or changing behaviour, towards more effective working habits; 3. To provide data to managers with which they may judge future job role assignments and compensation.

Our system meets all these requirements with an intuitive and powerful series of screens that communicate with both line managers and staff.

Our employee performance appraisal systems provides a framework for improvement and development. Good performance appraisal systems are motivating for employees. Because they help them work towards their own career goals as well as hitting employer targets.

Appraisal systems are typically based on a set of individual objectives for each employee. Which they agree with their manager. At regular intervals, often annually, their manager will assess how well they’ve performed against them. Employees come to their appraisals with evidence to back up their achievements. They may receive a numeric or verbal rating – for instance on a scale of 1/outstanding to 5/unacceptable. The learnPro Performance Appraisal System Manages All of this with ease.

Another popular system is 360-degree feedback, where co-workers, managers, customers, suppliers and subordinates all give feedback about the employee. These reviews from the employee’s “internal customers” are used to measure performance. The learnPro performance and appraisal system comes with a full 360 system letting you choose the the feedback and behavioral

It’s time to move away from old out of date appraisal system and use one that manages the process for you and alerts the managers and staff to the annual appraisal - the learnPro Performance Appraisal system does just that

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