Real-time measurement of mandatory compliance by role and location available to line managers and service managers. Check team level progress of both online courses and face-to-face training events with a colour coded dasboard.

Compliance recording, Data Analytics, Auditing Insights & Mandatory Course Assignment - learnPro

Compliance recording, Data Analytics, Auditing Insights & Mandatory Course Assignment

The Scorecard Reporting System measures compliance and non compliance by role and location. Managers and teams in the NHS and Health and Social Care sector are using the learnPro Scorecard to produce a clear report showing which staff are compliant in mandatory and role pecific learning.

This intelligent and intuitive data mining tool has been demonstrated to meet the needs of HSE audits. This results in a massive time saving for line managers who need to demonstrate compliance and expiry for staff.


Auditing Insights

Show learners their progress of mandatory and role specific courses with percentage completions
Learning Plan
Full list of outstanding courses and assessments to be completed from the learning plan

Full Learning Plan Recording

Itemised courses within learning plans linked to revalidation of outstanding items
Team Scorecard
All staff progress view by planned items, colour coded and exportable to pdf and excel

Data Analytics

Interactive colour coded matrix (red, amber, green) of progress with course expiry information
Development Plan
Line managers can drill down to each individual and assign role specific e-learning or classroom courses
Team Editor
Manage long term absence of team members, instantly changing your scorecard performance

Mandatory Course Assignment

Add and lock e-learning content to mandatory planning groups or create tags for role assignment

Data Analytics on Compliance Training for Mandatory and Role Specific Training

Data Analytics is more than reporting. It's about line managers seeing their teams' compliance and training performance. Scorecard lets you analyse and see the progress and compliance rate of your team. If you manage multiple teams then you can see them as a service manager.

The scorecard compliance dashboard is a colour coded matrix showing you progress. With our revalidation of courses system integrated into the scorecard the data analytics alogrims dig deep into the learning records and pulls a easy to view table of compliance on a red, amber green score.

The time wasted by organisations using spreadsheets to compile compliance rates is exceptionally high and time wasting. Our data analytics tool called Scorecard make it simple and inituitive. Whether you are facing an audit or need to keep the team compliant or via a personal development planning process. If you want to add indidviduals to new courses its just so easy with the Scorecard being built into the learnPro Learning Management System.

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