Online video management system which provides hosting, fast cloud-based encoding, adaptive streaming and a customisable HTML5 player.

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Diagram of the outputs of StreamV, fast online encoding allows multiple formats including MPEG-Dash, MP4/H264, HTML5 and HLS


StreamV allows you to manage all of your media content and play back options in one place. Use our online application to upload and encode your media files into a managable library with collaborative team features and interactive dashboards.

Our multi-format video supports the following ouputs: MPEG-Dash, HLS, HTML5, MPEG4 and Flash as a legacy fallback option. By encoding to these formats you can be confident that your media will play across different devices and browsers.

As part of the learnPro authoring package StreamV is integrated into our responsive e-learning authoring tool LAB Advanced, as well as our LMS which makes getting videos to your learners faster than ever before.


Adaptive Streaming
The system outputs multiple bitrates which will ensure your videos play consistently across systems with different bandwidths.
StreamV provides media links that can be used for embedding video into your webpages and authoring applications
Stream HLS and MPEG-Dash video smoothly across all the different web browsers, operating systems and mobile devices
Easy Upload
Simply drag and drop any media file and StreamV will seamlessly upload and encode directly into your online library

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