Trainers, teachers, lecturers and e-learning professionals can use our templates to create outstanding courses online. Publish for mobile and desktop in minutes using our templates, with no fancy multimedia skills needed.

LAB Advanced classroom template editor and examples on multiple devices


With LAB Advanced recreateing your classroom sessions online is made simple. Take your existing PowerPoints, images, pdf documents and assessments and use them quickly and easily create LAB Advanced modules. With StreamV you can upload your video clips for use in your newly created module. Be that a recording from your phone, webcam or even a Zoom or Teams meeting they will all be encoded for you and made available in multiple bitrates to ensure your learners get the information they need on any bandwidth.

Our Templates make it easy for anyone to create a great looking and engaging e-learning module. from lecturers and trainers to E-learning professions anyone can use LAB Advanced.


Our classroom templates are fully responsive and provide authors with the best head start when creating new modules. Simply select one our range of pre-built module templates and LAB Advanced will create you a beautifully laid out module with guidance of what content type is best placed in which block. Authors need to simply replace the content within the modules with their own, by dragging and dropping their videos, images and resources into the blocks they wish to use them in.

Our templates make it easy for anyone to create a great looking and engaging e-learning module. From lecturers and trainers to e-learning professions anyone can use LAB Advanced.

List of pre-built LAB Advanced templates
Animated image showing a LAB Advanced template module


LAB Advanced is designed to help users of all skill levers to create great looking and engaging modules. Using an intuitive and a simple user interface it allows trainers and e-learning professionals to collaborate online. With an easy to use drag and drop feature you can easily take your videos, images and resources and place them where them where they are needed. If you require audio description or narration easily add audio to your pages.

Combining this with classroom templates makes it easier than ever to create great looking modules, simply drag and drop the content you need into the preplaced content blocks to create brand new modules in no time at all.


Recreating your classroom session within LAB Advanced is made easy with StreamV. By using our online video manager simply drag your videos into our uploader which will automatically encode them for you.

Once your videos are ready you can use our online editing tools to add additional overlays, images and subtitles. Sequence them how you need along your videos timeline ensuring you get your key points across.

Whether it’s a lecture, Teams, Zoom or WebEx recorded session you can upload your videos to StreamV to bring your classroom or lecture session online. And combining these into a classroom template on LAB Advanced they will look great on any device.

StreamV adaptive video streaming and overlays
Image showing the online dashboards of StreamV and LAB Advanced


LAB Advanced and StreamV are both entirely accessed online. There are no downloads required, simply connect with your web browser to access your course, videos and resources. With this approach we allow for authors to hot desk, access their content and make changes from more places than just their own desktop.

With multi-licences use of both products collaboration across teams of people is made that much easier. With online storage authors can share resources and videos and work together on the same modules all at once.


The following example courses were created using LAB Advanced classroom templates, these examples are designed to provide you with an idea of what the classroom templates are capabale of and demonstrate some of their uses.

Example Classroom Module

Classroom Module Example

In this module we use a classroom template to create and demonstrate a module disscussing the features and advantages of LAB Advanced classroom templates. Indcluded in this module is the use of images, video, PDF resources, assessment questions and instructional text.
Click here to open this classroom templates module example

Example Induction Module

VIP Module Example

An example module of using LAB Advanced classroom templates to create an induction module for the VIP Induction pathway. This example uses the classroom templates to layout the essential inforation a new user requires on how to access and use the Doctors VIP pathway. Included in this module is the use of images, interactions, instructional text and on page audio.
Click here to open this induction module example

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