Trainers, teachers, lecturers and elearning professionals can use our templates to create outstanding courses online. Publish for mobile and desktop in minutes using our templates, with no fancy multimedia skills needed. Sign up for our FREE trial to try it yourself.

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Moving your classroom sessions to an online video session and adding your supporting material is easy with Lab Advanced. Take your video clips anyway you want, from your phone, webcam, Zoom or Teams just drag it into StreamV. Then add to Lab Advanced. Pull in PowerPoints, images, pdf documents and assessments. Our Templates make it easy for Lecturers, Trainers and Elearning Professionals. Sign up for our FREE trial to try it yourself.

Using the Classroom Templates (change with the important factors in creating elearning)

Lab Advanced is intuitive with a simple user interface for Trainers and Elearning Professionals to collaborate online. It lets you instantly drag your video of document together on to one page or add audio to pages and its works great on mobile phones and desktops.

When you are finished just upload and deploy to learnPro or Moodle LMS’s. The classroom courses and elearning that you create will be engaging for the learners and you can add your assessments so they record against against a persons.

Recreating the same classroom session on Lab Advanced and StreamV is easy by using our Video Editing tools to let you add additional overlays, images and sequence them by the timeline to get you key points across

So whether it’s a lecture or an MS Teams, ZOOM or Webex recorded session you can you can upload it to StreamV and add your effects which brings your classroom/lecture session alive online and then by adding into a classroom template on Lab Advanced it looks great. Just take a trail now and see for yourself with easy guidance to get started in minutes

By using Lab Advanced your videos can be instantly added to classroom based elearning modules or just standard elearning modules and scenarios. You can enhance further your classroom session with documents like your PowerPoint slide or use Lab Advanced easy prebuilt Classroom Video Templates just click on the trail now and get Lab Advanced and StreamV as a package for all your elearning and now your classroom learning

No matter what LMS you are using from Moodle to LearnPro you can recreate your classroom session and bring them online with StreamV and Lab Advanced so try it with our Free Trial

No matter what skill level you are, if you are a lecturer, trainer in an organisation, elearning developer or learning and development lead Lab Advanced and StreamV Classroom Video Templaes and tools gives you many options to recreate the classroom and improve current elearning created in other authoring tools.

Lab Advanced and StreamV are all accessed online. There are no downloads and you simply connect via any browser. This also means multi license use of both products and greater online collaboration of teams of people. Just imagine letting your trainers access the classroom templates to recreate their classroom/lecture experience. You can truly work as a team using StreamV and Lab Advanced

Take a look at the classroom module below. We outputted that course as an example to this web page in one click


Click through this interactive module demo below. Use the next, back and menu buttons to navigate. This module was produced in LAB Advanced by using our new classroom templates.

You can also see the example module displayed in full on your browser here

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