Add timed overlays of text or images, allowing for subtitles or accompiant relevant information to expand on a videos content.

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An overlay video allows authors to create additional information for their existing videos on StreamV. You can add a combination of text and images that appear on top of the video, appearing at a pre-set time and disappearing at another. This allows authors to display multiple slides of supplement learning with their videos and have the information only appear when relevant and necessary.

Please see the example video for a demonstration of using both text and images in a video overlay to provide relevant additional information ontop of a video.


Overlay Scenes have many customisable aspects, each of these are easily customisable.

Each overlay scene can be assigned a title. This allows authors to easily identify each scene in their video.

Scene Templates allow the other to select where over the video a scene is displayed. A range of templates are provided so as to ensure the correct coverage is available.

It is important that an overlay scene is only displayed when it is truly needed. With Scene timings an author can easily set when a scene will appear and when it won't.'

Background Colour
StreamV allows authors to set the background colour of all scenes

In addition to background colour the backgrounds opacity can be set. It may be a case of the author does not need not need any background for their text or image content. In this siuation the opacity can be set to 9 and the background is hidden.

Text Colour
The text colour can also be set for any scene. This allows the author to ensure a suffecient contrast is provided against the background making the text accessible to all watching the video.

Text and Image Content
Overlay scenes can be used to add text to a video, be that for subtitles or additional material. But overlay scenes are not just limited to text, that can also display images too. For example a vidoe may be discussing a diagram or scenario not including in its presentation. With StreamV the author can add this image or detail in on top of the video.

Text Formatting
As you would expect, StreamV provides a full range of text formatting options. Allowing the author to customise how their text appears including font size, bolding, and even bullet points.

Please see the example LAB Advanced e-learning module below showing the process of creating and editing an overlay video. You can also see the example module displayed in full on your browser here

To learn more about LAB Advanced Click Here.. Or for video examples see our YouTube Channel


Adaptive Streaming

The system outputs multiple bitrates which will ensure your videos play consistently across systems with different bandwidths.
StreamV provides media links that can be used for embedding video into your webpages and authoring applications such as Articulate, Captivate and LAB Advanced.

Custom Editing

Add timed overlays of text or images, allowing for subtitles or accompiant relevant information.
Stream HLS and MPEG-Dash video smoothly across all the different web browsers, operating systems and mobile devices
Easy Upload
Simply drag and drop any media file and StreamV will seamlessly upload and encode directly into your online library
Audio Files
Upload more than just video files, StreamV also allows you to upload audio files too.
Learning Information
Display multiple slides of supplement learning with their videos and have the information only appear when relevant and necessary.
Overlay videos can have multiple slides of information appear at different times throughout the video.
Scene Management
Overlay Scenes have many customisable aspects including; titles, templates, timings, background colours and opacity, text colours, text & images, text formatting.
Scene Templates
9 different scene templates are provided, allowing you to position and display your overlays where you want.
Theme Management
With a scene's properties panel you can change the colours used within a scene.
Image Management
Scenes allow authors to add images as well as text, with an image, authors can potentially add a relevant diagram to better explain what is being taught on screen.
LAB Advanced
StreamV is directly integrated into LAB Advanced to provide easier video management and use within your authored modules.
Multiple users working on the same project at the same time sharing the same media and sequences.
StreamV works directly with Platforms to stream video directly to the Platforms app. And allows users to download videos for offline use also.

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