Our booking system is a comprehensive way of managing and reporting face-to-face training events. It is integrated with our e-learning system giving users access to their whole learning plan at a glance.

Online Course Booking System, Training events management for recurring and one off classes - learnPro

Online Course Booking System & Training events management for recurring and one off classes

The CBS allows users and mangers to book employees on courses and manage the approval and timetabling process. The system is comprehensive allowing maximum class sizes, rejections from attendance, non attendance, pending lists, nominations, rejections and more.

The online course booking system management events and recurring training courses. Build them into multi day programmes and courses. Trainers can manage their locations and courses, attendees and classroom courses can be Scheduled over multiple days. Courses can be set up for learners to sign on or line manager approval or via administration whilst learnpro Course Booking System sends out reminders and manages the waiting lists

Our training management software can let line managers book staff on the courses. Trainers can sign of attendance of a course and administrators can set the core aspects of classroom course so the next time it is scheduled the master course gets referenced with the correct course characteristics. The course Booking Systems sends out reminders and manages minimum and maximum numbers on a course. It’s so easy and intuitive to use

The CBS can be linked to the Scorecard to create a complete picture of compliance which shows both online and offline courses all in one place. This gives each user a complete learning record.


Recurring and One Off Classes

Create master courses, then schedule events as needed with locations, dates and times
Manage user attendance, nominations and pending lists to control how staff book onto courses
Setup prerequisite e-learning or CBS courses to be completed prior to training events
Customisable, automated emails are sent out for any changes in the event, keeping managers copied in

Training Auditing

Record actions for all users, including who approved, rejected and cancelled on records
Customise evaluation templates and schedule evaluation reminders to attendees via email

Events Management

Filter scheduled and past events by name, start/end date, capacity and attendance
Content Authority
Courses can be assigned a content authority, allowing only certain administrators with editing rights
Courses can be added to learning plans alongside e-learning on the learnPro Scorecard
Extensive reporting on all aspects of the system, available to managers and administrators

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