Mobile applications designed to reduce time and risk by accessing realtime information on the move. This system provides instant reporting allowing more time for analysis and diagnostics.

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PlatForms app reporting dashboard and decision tree builder on multiple devices


For on location decision support, use PlatForms to build a decision support tool with a range of key questions and assigned decision points displaying vital information. PlatForms is currently being used throughout the NHS and Fire Services in the UK to capture critical information on the move. It is also used to help support bedside decision making within the Blood Transfusion Service.

Use the PlatForms authoring interface to manage multiple app programmes. Create guidelines, aide memoirs, checklists, training videos, message alerts and updates and deploy critical information to your users' fingertips.

Different programmes deployed to the PlatForms app. Risk management documents and operational checklists displayed on mobile devices


Build operational checklists to support your staff on the move
Smart Forms
Create form templates to gather health and safety risk critical information
Risk Assessment
Manages risk assessment & inspection reporting quickly with in depth reports
Decision Support
Decision tree tool with questions and decision points to display critical data
Aide-memoires for instructional reminders on the go
Use the decision algorithms to build intelligent diagnostic to reduce risk
Image Capture
Use your phone camera to quickly attach an image to a report or checklist
Streamed Video
Add video and audio to your content using our StreamV software

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