PlatForms easy & simple custom app authoring reporting dashboard and decision tree builder on multiple devices

Create and author apps for your organisation with ease. Build tools to help support decision making, improve incident handling & provide instruction guidance on the go.

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With Platforms, anyone can be a mobile app author and create custom applications for their staff. Platforms provides an easy-to-use editing interface and paired with the use of the learnPro LMS, an intuitive and robust content assignment tool. Allowing admins to grant staff access to different content depending on their role and needs.

No Code App Development

The core principle of the learnPro Platforms app is no-code app development. What this means is programmers and non-programmers alike can create mobile apps through our easy-to-use interface.

What You See Is What You Get

The online editor for Platforms provides authors with an editable preview of their app's content, allowing them to easily understand how what they are creating will look when published to their app.

No App Store Hassle

With traditional mobile app development, each change must be uploaded and approved by each App Store before it is made available. With Platforms any content changes made by authors are deployed directly to the app itself, meaning no there is no need for this process.

Easy Low-Cost Licence

When developing mobile apps with independent developers, organisations need to pay a licence for each store they list it in, and on top of this, they need to pay for the equipment, software and skillsets of a trained professional. Often needing to pay a retaining fee and incurring additional costs for every change they need to be made.

With Platforms, you only need to pay for one fixed licence and can select a bundle that best suits your needs. With this, we cover app store licences and provide you with a way to update your app instantly and unlimitedly with no hidden fees.


Download the Platforms custom app today to try examples of ready-made content, simply download the app and select Demo from the login page.

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