learnPro LMS comes as standard with integrated e-learning authoring tools and course management software. This allows you to upload and manage video, create responsive and interactive courses and quickly deploy content to your users.

Elearning Authoring, Shared Course Catalogue, Course Management & Version Control - Package Manager

Elearning Authoring, Shared Course Catalogue, Course Management & Version Control

learnPro LMS customers have access to our full authoring suite. Consisting of our responsive authoring tool LAB Advanced, online video platform StreamV and our dedicated course management software. Together these allow you to create and manage all of your content in one easy interface.

LAB Advanced allows you to create responsive e-learning accessible to everyone. It's designed for any skill level, without limiting users with technical expertise to create interactive e-learning content. Our authoring software is cloud based, this means there is no software to download. All of your projects can be accessed online wherever you are.

Our course catalogue, course management software and authoring software work together to make it easy to create and share e-learning resources. And collaborate with your team and other organisations. Find out more about our course catalogue here.


Copy, archive and organise your projects into folders. Search, sort and filter your projects
Authors can collaborate on the same courses with access to a library of shared resources
Create your own colour palettes to provide a consistent theme across all your e-learning content
Upload and edit all your images online or choose from a library of stock images to use in your e-learning courses

Media Management

Add video and audio to bring your courses to life using our StreamV video encoding software
Keep track of every change made across your team of authors with detailed audit logs
Powerful accessibility features for your learners. Put content controls at their fingertips
We are seeing fast growth in mobile e-learing. LAB Advanced courses look great on all devices
Create assessments to get an insight into the learners understanding of a subject area
Make your e-learning interactive and engaging with a variety of easy to build interaction templates
SCORM Module Deployment
Easy deployment of SCORM modules to learnPro LMS and assign module with features like revalidation
Assessment System
Powerful separate assessments system to create linked assessments more powerful than SCORM Assessments and create exam condition with randomisation and question banking and lock out and assessments availability
Revalidation System
Set you courses to expire and control how they behave

Version Control

Manage your version of modules for deployment
LABA Connect
SCORM Shell and deployment to any LMS for users of LAB Advanced and StreamV band control amount of users

Shared Catalogue

Take advantage of our shared catalogue of ready to courses or customise them to your own needs.

The best SCORM Cloud for sharing and distributing your elearning courses is through the Package Manager.

The Package Manager SCORM Cloud is a system that lets you upload all your SCORM zip packages into one easy to system.

It features the ability to upload and deploy to any LMS your elearning courses no matter what elearning authoring system you use. Its designed our Award Winning Top Rated LAB Advanced elearning authoring tool that comes with video streaming via StreamV

Managing version control is now easy using our SCORM Cloud Package Manager. It creates version of modules, lets you roll back and deploy. Its instant at deploying to the learnPro LMS or you can use our LABA Connect SCORM Shell system that lets you send out SCORM files and control the access to that LMS. Its easy to use drop downs letting you add an organisation name and how many licenses they can use with your SCORM module creates control for you and with the version control you can update and change at one or two clicks. So the world of SCORM Packages is truly in the cloud

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