Elearning for health and social care workers.


Gain access to our learning management system and an extensive catalogue of health care elearning courses. That are specifically designed to help educate and train health care professionals. Our learning management system has been designed to help plan, track and record the personal development and compliance of the UK's Health and Social Care workforce.

A learnPro license will give you access to a comprehensive range of core and role mandatory healthcare eLearning courses. Once you have access to the healthcare eLearning courses, you will be able to use our reporting scorecard to demonstrate compliance at team, service and organisational levels.

Our healthcare eLearning catalogue accompanied with our eLearning authoring tool will allow you to localise courses to suit your needs without recreating them from scratch. We want to help you train and educate a highly skilled workforce of health and social care professionals.

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Give your health and social care staff access to a wide range of mandatory and role specific eLearning courses covering most healthcare subjects and levels. Find healthcare eLearning courses with high levels of interactivity which will give your learners the ability to understand and train new concepts. Access eLearning for healthcare through one license to our caour catalogue, you'll never need to buy another set of healtcare eLearning courses again.

Anaphylaxis Complaints Handling Challenging Inappropriate Behaviour COSHH COVID-19: Respiratory Care and Assessment Equality and Diversity Falls Awareness Fire Safety First Aid Awareness Food Hygiene Hand Hygiene
GDPR Health and Safety IT Security Lone Working Manual Handling Mental Health Awareness Preventing Radicalisation Risk Assessment Standard Infection Control Team Work, Team Roles, Johari Window Understanding Dementia Duty of Candour Medications

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Course Catalogue
Health & Social Care eLearning Manage System For Mandatory Training Personal Development Planning Compliance - learnPro
Image showing the compliance matrix from learnPro scorecard


It's never been easier to track your healthcare learner's complance and progress, as a manager or at an organisational level. Our interactive dashboard lets learner's instantly see if they are compliant in their core mandatory eLearning for healthcare. The dashboard also allows team leaders to see the compliance rates of healthcare professionals within their teams. No need to waste endless hours creating spreadsheets as the learnPro scorecard system manages it all for you. See the whole Health and Social Care organisation at a glance from manual ahndling, falls, fire safety and food hygiene and print certificates instantly. Click below for more information on the healthcare eLearning scorecard.

Scorecard Reporting


Creating e-learning could not be easier, copy courses from our catalogue and edit them immediately using our online editor. No matter what skill level you have technically, you can create something outstanding and engaging for the healthcare learner and bring your training material alive. Click below for more info on our authoring tool and to see some examples from the Health & Social Care sector.

LAB Advanced Authoring
Course Booking System dashboard
Course Booking System dashboard


Our booking system is a comprehensive way of managing and reporting face-to-face health and social care training events. It is integrated with our elearning system (LMS) giving healthcare users access to their whole healthcate elearning plan at a glance. Click below to learn more.

Course Booking System


The Scorecard Reporting System allows Health & Social Care Organisations to assign both Mandatory and Option training to their learners. Providing full healthcare learning plans for their learners based upon their current role in the Health and Social Care Organisation or personal healthcare elearning requirements, admins can individually add mandatory healthcare elearning courses to a user or setup automated assignment.

Scorecard Assignment
Image showing the compliance matrix from learnPro scorecard


Support learner development and drive improvements in clinical governance
Extensive reporting of compliance by location and role
Staff Management
Track, merge, move, archive, assign and manage every member of your team
Course Catalogue
Browse and select from our extensive catalogue of shared courses
E-learning Authoring
Create responsive, accessible courses for any device using LAB Advanced
Assessment System
Create assessments to ensure compliance with all levels of health & social care
Group content to create pathways and workflows through topics and sections
Sharable Content
Copy, brand and re-author content to localise existing material
Fast Setup
Up and running in no time with supported setup and training sessions
Cloud Based
Your platform wherever you need it, login to our cloud based system
Enforced strong passwords and regular penetration testing
Attentive Support
Automated ticketing system with 24 hour response time. Integrated web chat

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